Email Studio
Marketing Cloud

Introduction to Marketing Cloud Email Studio

While working on my next blog I stumbled upon this session I had on “Email studio”. Couple of years back I had...

SFMC Intelligence
Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Meet Marketing Cloud Intelligence- An Introduction

Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama) Marketing cloud Intelligence is a platform to store and visualize mark...

Data Cloud
Data Cloud (CDP)

Data Cloud for Marketing- An Overview

What is Data Cloud in Marketing ? Data Cloud (formerly known as Salesforce Customer Data Platform or CDP) help...

Marketing Cloud Personalisation

Marketing Cloud Personalization- An Introduction 

What is Personalization?  Marketing Cloud Personalization is an integrated personalization and Real-Time Inter...

Marketing Cloud

Update your SFMC subscriber’s bounced status in Salesforce CRM

Business Case: Whenever the email is bounced in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the status of that subscriber gets...

Marketing Cloud

How to retrieve and save data from Data view to Data extension ?

Data Views Data is a collection of information that is arranged for further use. Similarly in Salesforce marke...

Auto-Suppression List
Marketing Cloud

Auto-Suppression List- An approach to prevent specific email addresses to receive emails from Marketing Cloud

Business Case:  The client wants to restrict the Marketing Cloud from sending emails to subscribers whose emai...