Salesforce Integration User License- All you need to know

What is an Integration User?

An Integration User is a dedicated user for different Salesforce integration which used to access the data from Salesforce.

Earlier purchasing licenses for multiple APIs and integrations was too expensive. After having this issue for a long time, Salesforce finally announced free Salesforce Integration User License.

You heard it right!!

The new Salesforce Integration license is available after March 14, 2023 and is specifically designed for system-to-system integrations, as it only provides the user with API access. Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited edition orgs will get five and Dev orgs will get one Salesforce Integration User Licenses for free. Any additional licenses will incur a fee of $10 each. 

Salesforce Integration User Licenses

Salesforce Integration User Licenses will give you more control over operations and better traceability of transactions made at every integration point. With New Salesforce Integration User License, organization with many integrations can easily follow the best practice of having one integration user per integration type.

The Salesforce Integration API permission set license should be used to extend and restrict user or object permissions, It is also possible to assign various permission set licenses to a user with the Salesforce Integration user license. However, the Salesforce API Integration permission set license is only available to users assigned the Salesforce Integration user license.

This licenses will grants a user access to Salesforce data and features only through an API.

Below are the steps to assign Salesforce Integration API permission set license to Salesforce Integration User.

  1. Go to setup and select Users.
  2. Select Salesforce Integration User  that you created using Salesforce Integration User Licenses.
  3. Go to Permission Set License Assignments section.

permission set assignment

5. Select Salesforce API Integration and save.

Permission assignment

How To Use Salesforce Integration User Licenses?

To dedicate a user to an integration, assign them the Salesforce Integration User License.

Advantage of Using dedicated Salesforce Integration User Licenses

In addition to the biggest advantage for all organizations to reduce the cost by providing 5 free licenses readily available per org, dedicated Salesforce Integration User Licenses also promises below advantages.

  1. API Only Access: The license is limited to interact with Salesforce via the API only.
  2. Traceability and best practice: It will give better security and traceability of transactions made at every integration point. The best practice is to have one user per integration to properly track and identify the transactions at every integration point, and maintain control over access.


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