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Introduction to Marketing Cloud Email Studio

While working on my next blog I stumbled upon this session I had on “Email studio”. Couple of years back I had the privilege to deliver a session on the amazing APEX Hours platform.

Welcome to Email Studio!

Email is a tried-and-true way to deliver personalized communications that build lasting customer relationships.

Even as social and mobile have exploded in growth, email is better in conversions, click-throughs, and number of users. Customers trust email and marketers love it because it’s easy to track customer behavior—like which emails they open, which links they click and on which devices.

Email Studio

Whether you’re a digital marketing manager, a Marketing Cloud admin, or a little of both, you can build great emails, segment and target your audience, and send with confidence with Email Studio—all without any coding.

Check out this YouTube link below where I am explaining in detail about Email Studio.

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