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Part-2: Mobile Studio: Import and Manage Contacts in Mobile Connect

Contacts in Mobile Connect: A “contact” is a data record that contains contact information (like phone number)...

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Part 1: Mobile Studio: An Introduction and Send an Outbound Message through Journey Builder

Overview: Mobile Studio in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a suite of tools designed to help marketers en...

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Use Salesforce CRM reports to ingest segmented data to Email Studio – quick and easy approach has context menu

What is Salesforce Data Extension? A data extension is a table that contains your data. With Marketing Cloud C...

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Multi-Org Account Configuration in Marketing Cloud Connect Use Case Part-1

What is a Multi-Org Connector? The Marketing Cloud multi-org connector will allow you to connect multiple Sa...

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Managing Message Throttling in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What is Send Throttling? Send Throttling is a feature available in Salesforce Marketing Cloud which allows you...

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Using Custom fonts to design email templates in SFMC

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a very powerful tool, there are some limitations and restrictions to work around...

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Litmus Part-1 Leverage Litmus to test and validate emails within Marketing Cloud

What is Litmus? SLitmus is a testing tool having several integrations with Marketing Cloud (SFMC). It helps to...

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Litmus Part-2 Leverage Litmus to test and validate emails within Marketing Cloud

This is part of the Litmus testing blog, you can read Part 1 here. Litmus Tool: You can create a new email in ...

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Explore the exciting features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud in Spring’24 Release

Get ready for a major leap forward in marketing automation! The Spring ’24 Marketing Cloud Engagement Re...

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Worried about your Next steps on the Email guidelines and One click Unsubscribe?

You might have received an email from Salesforce to improve email deliverability and take steps to help preven...