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All about the – Salesforce’s Dreamforce’23

Salesforce’s annual mega-event, Dreamforce 2023, has concluded, and it was a remarkable gathering of tra...

Copy Insights
Marketing Cloud

Einstein Copy Insights: Check the performance of Marketing Email Subject Lines

Overview Einstein Copy Insights is a feature of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that uses text analytics and natura...

MCI-Total Connect
Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Marketing Cloud Intelligence: Total Connect

Connect a data file Using TotalConnect Let’s assume you want to create workspace in your MCI. It’s...

Einstein Messaging Insights
Marketing Cloud

Einstein Messaging Insights: Improve your email marketing performance

Overview Einstein Messaging Insights is a tool that monitors your marketing performance and alerts you to chan...

MCI-API Connect
Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Marketing Cloud Intelligence: API Connector

Business Case: The user wants to configure his Marketing Cloud data through Marketing Cloud Intelligence and a...

Marketing Cloud Intelligence
Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Marketing Cloud Intelligence: Data Model and Data Stream Types

In the previous blog, we deep-dived into dimension and measurement before you get an understanding of the Data...

Marketing Cloud intelligence
Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Marketing Cloud Intelligence: Dimension and Measurement

Measurement and Dimension Roles in the Marketing Cloud To apply the data model, you need to categorize it into...

Content Approvals
Marketing Cloud

Managing content with Content Builder Approvals

Overview Implement Content Approval to ensure that the email content created is reviewed and approved before i...

Einstein Engagement Scoring
Marketing Cloud

How to use the Einstein with Scoring Split activity?

Overview Einstein Engagement Scoring is a tool that uses machine learning to predict how likely a contact is t...

Einstein Engagement frequency
Marketing Cloud

Einstein Engagement Frequency: A New Way to Optimize Your Email Marketing

Overview Marketing Cloud has a feature called Einstein Engagement Frequency Split that can help mitigate the r...