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How to update job links after sending an email- SFMC

Problem Overview:

So you’ve sent an email out to your entire subscriber base. Even after testing your email thoroughly, you somehow missed that a featured link highlighting an upcoming event is pointing to last month’s even website! You think to yourself “maybe I can call up the web team and get them to update the old event’s URL?” Well, that won’t be necessary – you can actually update the URL from within Marketing Cloud!

How to update a job link:

  1. Navigate to Email Studio.

  2. Select Tracking and choose Sends.

  3. Click an email link in the Name column.

  4. Select a Click the Job Links tab.

  5. Select the URL ID to edit.

  6. Enter the new full URL field.

  7. Enter the URL Parameters field. You can add and remove query string parameters to the URL as needed, but you must edit each parameter separately.

  8. Optional: Click Add Parameter to add a field and value pair.

  9. Click Save.

  10. Click Change Link.

Assuming you deployed your email with click tracking enabled, you can fix the issue within Marketing Cloud. Navigate to Email Studio -> Tracking and click into the email that has already been deployed and includes the incorrect link. Find the errant link and modify the URL field by pasting in the correct URL, then click the Save button. Anyone clicking the link from within the email after you entered the proper URL and hit the Save button will be redirected to the new URL.

Pros and cons: If you send an email from Email Studio or Automation Studio, but later realize a link is wrong – you can actually still change it after the email has been sent. If the email is sent from journey we cannot use this feature.

Note: This does not solve for anyone that may have clicked the link before you made this update, so it’s best to find and fix the error early on after a deployment.

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