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Marketing Cloud Intelligence: Data Harmonization

What is data Harmonization?

The data harmonization brings the data from multiple sources to function which behaves the same way if, at the same time, the data were a single data source. There are many ways to harmonize data, but there’s one characteristic that tells you whether data has been harmonized successfully.

When you are visualizing the data from multiple sources and all data is aligned perfectly from all sources at the level of a sharing value, it is considered as harmonized data at the level.

For example:
Let’s see how data harmonization works in Marketing Cloud Intelligence you are running a campaign Named “Car_Aniversary_april_2023_250x250” and all the campaigns are running in three different data platforms and get the data from sources which has their unique data, and all sources have activity related to the same marketing campaign.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

If this data visualized using simple table widget sources are perfectly aligned along with the same row of the campaign, then the data is considered to be harmonized.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Why harmonize data?

Data Harmonization allows you to merge multiple data sources and provide a holistic view of your marketing cloud intelligence activity. In most cases, no single data source can hold all relevant data on marketing events or campaigns. This harmonized data is shared by multiple platforms and digital marketers use this data to promote the campaign on multiple channels. If the data is not harmonized then you must analyze each source individually and it is challenging to gain insights at a holistic level, quickly and efficiently.

What is a harmonization center?

There are lots of ways to harmonize the data in marketing cloud Intelligence and some data harmonization occurs naturally, by excellence of the data model.

The harmonization center allows you to unify, enrich, and validate your data all in one place, also allowing you to streamline and manage your Naming convention patterns, data classification, and harmonized dimension without using a single line of code. It includes four different tools, each tool dedicated to a different aspect of data harmonization.

  1. Data Classification
  2. Patterns and Harmonization Dimensions
  3. Media Name Builder App
  4. Fix & Maintain

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