Email to Lead
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Send Email to CRM Lead from Marketing Cloud

Business Case: If you want to send an email from Marketing Cloud to the lead when the lead is created and is n...

Personalization in the Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud Personalisation

Implementation Techniques for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization (Interaction Studio)

An excellent platform to have in your arsenal of marketing tools is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization...

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Sync EmailOpt-out value from CRM to SFMC in All Subscriber list

Business Case In scenarios wherein a Subscriber calls/emails the sales or support team requesting them to be u...

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A/B testing : Engage with your audience by sending impactful emails 

Business Case:  Do you want to improve subscriber engagement? Are you fed up of Low open rates or low click ra...

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Create Data Extension in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Data Extensions A data extension is simply a table with fields of data about your contacts. Data extensions ca...

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Check your Sender Reputation Score

Overview Email Deliverability is the core aspects of email marketing .There’s really no point in sending out e...

Marketing Cloud Personalisation

Marketing Cloud Personalization- An Introduction 

What is Personalization?  Marketing Cloud Personalization is an integrated personalization and Real-Time Inter...

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Update your SFMC subscriber’s bounced status in Salesforce CRM

Business Case: Whenever the email is bounced in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the status of that subscriber gets...

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How to retrieve and save data from Data view to Data extension ?

Data Views Data is a collection of information that is arranged for further use. Similarly in Salesforce marke...