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Part 3 – Sign Up Pop-up (Use Case): Implement Marketing Cloud Personalization Series


In the previous article, Sitemap explains the overview and implementation of the marketing cloud personalization sitemap for the website Revotrix which collects user information and real-time user web activity and defines some content zones to personalize user experiences with web campaigns. In this blog, we are working on a use case- Sign Up Exit Intent Pop-up which will capture user information (email address) to build a known user profile in the marketing cloud personalization which gives the best real-time user experiences in the future. Exit Intent Pop-up can track the user interaction and display a pop-up when a user is about to exit or close the webpage.

Use Case

Capture an Email Address to create a user profile in marketing cloud personalization based on some condition or matching criteria. Display an exit intent Sign-Up popup when an unknown user is about to exit the web page. When the user submits the form we can capture the email address in the personalization provided by the user.


Use the following steps for building Sign-up exit intent pop-up:

  1. Create a web template using the Global template- Exit Intent Pop-up with Email Capture. Click on Clone Global Template.
    Follow the following steps to configure the cloned global template:

    1. Rename the template.
    2. Select the content zones (declared on the Sitemap) that define an area to display the popup.
    3. We can edit and modify the template design using the template editor.
    4. Click on Save to save the web template.
    5. Click on Publish to publish the template and make it live to create the web campaign.


  2. Create a Web Campaign and use this template in the Web Campaign Experiences.
  3. Add some rules to show the campaign on the web page.
  4. Save and publish it.
  5. Check published web campaigns on the website (Revotrix)

Need more details for creating Web campaigns and Web templates follow Salesforce Document Web Campaign & Web Template

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