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Salesforce Unveils Marketing GPT to Personalize Every Campaign Experience with Generative AI

Marketers will be able to create personalized emails, cleverer target groups, and marketing journeys automatically thanks to Marketing GPT.

For enterprises, generative AI is boosting production and efficiency. With 60% of marketers claiming that generative AI will change their function and 71% stating that they feel it will allow them to concentrate on more strategic work, its potential is obvious. However, 63% of marketers believe that trustworthy customer data is necessary for generative AI to function, and “accuracy and quality” are their top two concerns.

What’s new

Using generative AI and reliable first-party data from Data Cloud, Marketing GPT will let marketers provide personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences across every touchpoint. Marketers will be able to: use Marketing GPT and Data Cloud:

  • Work smarter with Segment Creation, which enables advertisers to swiftly construct audience segments and enhance targeting using natural language prompts and AI-driven suggestions based on reliable data from Data Cloud.
  • Email Content Creation may automatically generate personalized emails for better testing and interaction, reducing the writing workload.
  • Gain a more thorough understanding of audience engagement with Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud, which automatically combines first-party data, revenue data, and third-party paid media data.
  • Rapid Identity Resolution, Segmentation, and Engagement help you send the appropriate message at the right moment by instantly resolving client identities and refreshing segments in Data Cloud to assist assure accuracy.
  • Utilise Typeface’s platform for generative AI content to produce contextual visual assets for multi-channel campaigns within Marketing GPT based on a particular brand’s tone, style, and messaging.

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