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Elevate Customer Engagement with WhatsApp Business Messaging in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The newest feature of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, WhatsApp Business Messaging, is poised to completely transform customer interaction by allowing companies to connect with their clients on the well-liked WhatsApp platform. By integrating WhatsApp with other social media platforms like email, SMS, push notifications, and advertising, businesses may automate conversational journeys. Businesses may improve customer experiences and forge closer ties with customers by using personalized and automated messages.

WhatsApp Business Messaging in Salesforce

One of the standout features of the Summer ’23 version is the integration of WhatsApp with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With the help of this potent combo, businesses may use WhatsApp to increase sales and improve customer service. Let’s look at some advantages of this integration:

  • Better Customer Engagement: By incorporating WhatsApp Business Messaging, companies can interact with customers in real time and create memorable experiences. This channel creates new possibilities for tailored dialogues, enhancing and enticing the client experience.
  • Richer Customer Integration: WhatsApp branded messaging provides customers with a seamless experience, allowing businesses to communicate with their audience in a comfortable and preferred channel. Through this connection, brand and customer ties are strengthened and trust is increased.
  • Personalized Conversations: By utilizing Salesforce Data Cloud, companies can send customers highly personalized messages based on their individual interests and requirements. This degree of personalization makes it possible to have interactions that are more pertinent and significant, which raises consumer happiness and loyalty.
  • Product and service selling and promotion: WhatsApp Business Messaging gives companies a platform to market and sell their goods and services directly to consumers. Through this connectivity, personalized marketing campaigns may be run, increasing conversion rates and income.
  • Better Results from Customer Support: Businesses may offer prompt and effective customer care through WhatsApp, cutting down on wait times and effectively addressing issues. Businesses make it simple for customers to contact them for support, resulting in a smooth support experience.

Enabling WhatsApp Business Messaging in Salesforce

To make the most of WhatsApp Business Messaging in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, follow these steps:

  • Use Journey Builder: Utilize Journey Builder to send WhatsApp messages as part of your customer journeys. Add the WhatsApp activity to the canvas and configure the rest of the journey accordingly. Use the Inbound Chat entry source for session messages.
  • Track Message Delivery: Check Automation Studio’s bounced message reports and Journey Builder’s message delivery rates. This enables companies to evaluate the success of their WhatsApp advertising and make the required modifications.
  • Two-Way Communication: Businesses may have a two-way conversation with clients using WhatsApp Chat Messaging. Create automated responses based on keywords captured, allowing for engaging and dynamic dialogues.

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