Restrict Emails Sent from Unverified Email Addresses by the Guest User
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Restrict Emails Sent from Unverified Email Addresses by the Guest User

Salesforce has released a significant update targeted at boosting email security as part of its continued commitment to maintaining high security standards. Salesforce is now preventing emails received from unverified email addresses linked to guest user records as of the Summer ’23 release. This significant modification affects both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic, guaranteeing that businesses can take precautions against potential dangers. In this section, we’ll go over how to activate this function and go over the advantages it offers Salesforce users and customers.

How can Salesforce Marketing Automation be utilised for Inbound Marketing?

To enable the blocking of emails from unverified guest user addresses, follow these steps:

  • Verify if an Organization-Wide Email Exists: Find out if your company already has a single email address. If not, make one to use as your organization’s verified email address.
  • A guest user record update: Update the guest user record’s email box with this validated address after you have a verified organization-wide email address. You may make sure that every email sent from the guest user profile comes from a reliable and verified source by doing this.

Advantages for Salesforce users and customers

Several major advantages result from enforcing the prohibition on emails received from unverified guest user addresses:

  • Enhanced Security Measures: Salesforce upholds security requirements by preventing emails sent from unverified addresses. This lessens the possibility of malevolent actors using unverified addresses as a means of attack.
  • Consistent Email Delivery: By setting up a verified company-wide email address, businesses can make sure that all important emails are delivered to customers. Receivers will receive crucial communication uninterrupted thanks to this.
  • Reinforced Brand Trust: When communicating with visitor users, utilise a confirmed email address to increase brand trust. Email subscribers and recipients can interact with emails with confidence knowing that they come from a reputable and authorised source.
  • Protection Against Unauthorised Communication: By blocking unverified email addresses, the guest user profile is shielded from communications sent by uninvited parties. This shields the company against potential phishing scams and other fraudulent actions, as well as its clients.

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