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Part 10- Open Time Email Campaigns: Implement Marketing Cloud Personalization Series


In the previous article, Exit Intent Pop-up will display each user’s real-time abandoned cart details on Revotrix Website when a user is about to leave or closes the webpage. This blog explains the use of the Open Time Email Campaign in Personalization. In some use cases of this series, we have used this feature to personalize each user with real-time content or products.

Introduction of Open Time Email Campaigns

Open-time email campaigns are used to deliver personalized content and product recommendations each time a recipient opens an email. Using existing email campaigns that you send from the marketing cloud, Open Time Email campaigns deliver real-time personalized content to each member of your subscriber list.
For building this campaign make sure you have Einstein Recipe that recommends personalized content and products to a particular user. The following steps are configured to use Open Time Email Campaigns:

Steps to Create an Open Time Item Template:

  1. Create a new open-time item template.
  2. Design the template and write HTML content.
  3. You can preview the design on the right and then Save it.

Steps to Create an Open time Campaign:

  1. Create a new open-time campaign.
  2. Configure with a block name(Block1).
  3. Select created open-time template and configure it.
  4. Select an abandoned cart Einstein Recipe, which is created in earlier steps.
  5. Set excludes and includes products in the exclusions
  6. Save and simulate it.
  7. Copy the generated HTML code and paste it into a template-based Email in Marketing Cloud Content Builder.

Follow the Salesforce document link to create an Open Time Email Campaign.

How to use Open Time Email Campaigns?

Open-time email campaigns are used to add personalized recommendation content and products to each user, we need to understand the following:

  1. Design an open-time template that controls the open-time email campaign and how content and products display in that campaign.
  2. Building an open-time email campaign to personalize user experience and display recommendations with real-time items whenever a recipient opens an email.
  3. The generated HTML code from open-time email campaigns can be used to design Template-based emails, and web templates to display real-time personalized data driven by Einstein recipe to each user for a better user experience and boost productivity.

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