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Einstein Copy Insights: Check the performance of Marketing Email Subject Lines


Einstein Copy Insights is a feature of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that uses text analytics and natural language processing to analyze the text from your commercial email subject lines to uncover language insights. Use these insights to craft subject lines that drive stronger email engagement.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about Einstein Copy Insights:

  • It assesses a 90-day rolling window of email engagement data to produce insights.
  • It is only available for English subject lines.
  • It requires at least 10 different subject lines sent to at least 30 subscribers within a 30-day period to populate the model.
  • It is updated once a week.

Set Up Einstein Copy Insights(ECI) in the Marketing Cloud

Ensuring the feature Einstein Copy Insights is activated in your business unit to review and analyze email subject lines in the marketing cloud.

Here are the following steps to activate this feature in the marketing cloud:

  1. Navigate to Marketing Cloud Setup.
  2. Go to Einstein tab under Platform Tools.
  3. Click on Einstein Copy Insights.
  4. Click on Activate button.
  5. Einstein Copy Insights for your business unit will be activated in sometime with the below activations:
    • Copy Insights Dashboard
    • Subject Line Tester


Einstein Copy Insights(ECI) Dashboard

You can review insights about the subject lines that your organization’s emails use and test subject lines that you plan to include in upcoming messages.

See top performing and most used subject lines, as well as insights derived from language factors, emotional tone, and phrases within a subject line.

Here is the following path to review insights:
Go to the Einstein tab -> Navigate to Einstein Copy Insights

Performance Tester:

Einstein Copy Insights also provides a performance tester that you can use to find out how your subject line is likely to affect a recipient’s engagement. The performance tester takes into account the factors that Einstein Copy Insights has analyzed, as well as your own business data. Performance Tester is available on the dashboard if it is activated and opting in to global model.

When you evaluate your subject lines using the performance tester, Einstein compares the subject line with most other subject lines sent over the past 90 days. Einstein evaluates the subject lines as they appear in your subscriber’s inbox, even if you create and personalize them with AMPscript.

Model Confidence Score:

A model confidence score of 1–5 indicates Einstein’s confidence in the model. A score of five indicates the highest confidence rating.

A data quality score of 1–5 indicates how effectively Einstein is using your subject line data for intended use in engagement prediction. A score of 5 means that your subject lines are effective for the model.

You can test a subject line and check model confidence score effectiveness before you send.
Here, is an official document link to Test a Subject Line Before You Send


Subject Line Analytics:

Review best performing subject line language sorted by engagement rate or number of associated messages sent.

In the above image Einstein analyzed 71 unique subject lines that have total associated emails delivered score and engagement rate marked as “Above Average”.

Subject Line Factors Analyzed by Einstein


Einstein Copy Insights analyzes three factors for each subject line:

  • Language factors such as originality and character count: Einstein Copy Insights looks at how original the subject line is, as well as its length. Longer subject lines tend to perform better, but only up to a point. After a certain length, the open rate starts to decline.
  • Emotional tone: Einstein Copy Insights can identify the emotional tone of a subject line, such as whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. Positive subject lines tend to perform better than negative or neutral subject lines.
  • Phrases that spark engagement: Einstein Copy Insights has a database of phrases that have been shown to spark engagement in email subject lines. These phrases include words like “free,” “new,” and “limited time.”
    See which commonly used phrases in your subject lines prompt engagement and if that engagement is better or worse than the average engagement rate.

Einstein Copy Insights is a valuable tool for businesses that want to improve their email marketing results. By using Einstein Copy Insights, you can craft subject lines that are more likely to be opened and read by your recipients.

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