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Part 6 – Banners (Use Case) : Implement Marketing Cloud Personalization Series


In the previous article, we implemented a block of Product Recommendations on a Revotrix webpage. Using personalization machine learning Einstein Recipe to display recommendations of products on the particular webpage. In this blog, we are implementing a use case of displaying banners with a CTA button on a Revotrix webpage. Configuring to display a block with an image or relevant content in the defined area, and would engage more users on the web page.

Use Case

The client wants to display a banner section with some information on the webpage.
For example, when a user visits any product page of the Revotrix website we can display a promotional banner that has some information and a redirect link to another webpage. Engaging users to view more products on the website.


To configure this use case we need to implement the following steps in the personalization:
Define a Content zone in the sitemap, to display a banner in the defined area.

Follow the below steps to configure the Web Template:

  1. Create a new web template by cloning a global web template Banner with Call to Action and renaming it (Banner with CTA).
  2. Provide the content or heading to the banner.
  3. Select a Content Zone to display a banner in the defined area of the webpage.
  4. We can test the web template which displays the banner in the defined area of the webpage.
  5. Save the web template and then publish it.

Follow the below steps to configure a Web Campaign

  1. Create a new Web Campaign and rename it. (Display Banner Web Campaign)
  2. Add experience to select web templates and can be used to set some criteria to target experiences. We can configure multiple banner web templates in the experiences.
  3. Select the Web template (Banner with CTA) in the Experiences. Configure the Web template.
  4. Then save and publish it.
  5. The resulting web campaign we can see in the below image.

Need more details for creating Web campaigns and Web templates follow Salesforce Document Web Campaign & Web Template

We can display different banners in rule-based campaigns, and set different experiences to display.
Real-time changes to different banner images will engage more consumers and increase conversion rates.

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