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Top 8 Exciting Marketing Cloud Features in the Winter ’24 Release of Salesforce

A number of exciting enhancements and capabilities that will take the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to new heights are coming with the next Salesforce Winter 2024 Release. In this post, we’ll examine the most important upgrades and improvements that are expected to drastically alter how businesses use the Marketing Cloud.

Get ready for the Winter ’24 Release of Salesforce!

The Marketing Cloud is expected to become even more dynamic and user-focused as a result of all these new improvements. Check out the Salesforce Marketing Cloud release notes to learn everything that is in store for your company. There’s no need to worry if your company hasn’t yet received the newest update. To assist you in getting ready for the upgrade, the following information about the upcoming Salesforce release 2024 weekend dates is provided:

New Salesforce Marketing Cloud features and key updates

1. Download Data Extension Storage Reports for Business Units :-

Now your account admin can download data extension storage reports for business units as well as for the parent business unit. These reports offer information about data deletion and improve analytics and management.


This report is available to MC Administrator and Administrator roles. To make this report available to another role, grant the Administration | Account | Download Data Extension Storage Details permission in all business units in the enterprise.


For more information about this feature please refer to the salesforce document link:-Click here.

2. Stop Multiple Journeys from the Journey Dashboard :-

Now you can manage your journeys more easily from the Journey dashboard. You can select up to 10 journeys at one time and choose to stop the current version or all versions. You can still stop journeys and versions from the canvas or the version dashboard.


3. Optimize Journey Performance with the System Optimization Dashboard:-

The new System Optimization dashboard includes journeys and configurations that can affect overall system processing speed.

You can use this dashboard to strategize and answer system performance questions such as:

  • Which impacting journeys should I optimize?
  • Why is this journey running slow?
  • What can I do to improve the speed of this journey?


Marketing Cloud admin to enable a new permission called Adjust System Priority in Marketing Cloud Setup. Marketing Cloud admins can adjust the system priority for journeys to adjust journey speeds relative to one another.


4. Enter Multiple Contacts at One Time into Journeys :-

Trigger real-time journey entry at scale by entering up to 100 contacts per API request rather than making individual API requests for each contact. You can now easily use commercial and transactional emails in the same journey. This REST API delivers consistent performance at a higher scale than the existing Event API entry method for Journey Builder.

5. Manage Personalization Product Usage with the Consumption Report

Monitor org total and dataset-specific Personalization product metrics, proactively manage usage, and view historical product data using the Consumption report.

From the Marketing Cloud Personalization main navigation menu, hover over Reports and select Usage | Personalization Consumption Report.


6. Restore Deleted Data Extensions in Contact Builder

You can now restore data extensions that are in the Recycle Bin up to 30 days after deletion.


7. Deploy a Marketing Cloud Industry Solution

In addition, we have a new tab Industry Solution in the Package manager to deploy standard structure of the predefined use cases related items in the business unit or enterprise. You can update all supported items, except filter data extensions, synchronized data extensions, and data extensions that your business unit doesn’t have permission to update.


Please refer to the salesforce link for more information:- Click here

8. File Transfer REST API in Automation Studio

The File Transfer Activity API, describes how to create, retrieve, update, and delete file transfer activities and perform them asynchronously. The File Transfer Activity API is an Automation Studio API

Please refer to the salesforce link for more information:- Click here

Wrapping up

The Salesforce Winter ’24 Release is brimming with improvements and new tools that will definitely revolutionise how businesses use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Keeping up with the most recent Salesforce marketing upgrades, releases, and innovations is essential as businesses work to offer individualised and compelling digital experiences.

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