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Marketing Cloud Intelligence: Data Model and Data Stream Types

In the previous blog, we deep-dived into dimension and measurement before you get an understanding of the Data Model and Data Stream, which is relevant to data models and streams. Click on this link to understand: Dimensions and Measurement in Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

What is Data Model?

Marketing Cloud Intelligence pulls data from various sources with different data types.

Every different data type contains, its own unique combination of dimensions and measurements. When extracting the data from the sources and ingesting the data into Marketing Cloud Intelligence, it is important to allow dimensions and measurement and stores correlating Marketing Cloud Intelligence fields.

These dimensions, measurements, and entity relationships have various collective data types known as Marketing Cloud Intelligence Data Model.

What are Data Streams?

To upload the data in Marketing Cloud Intelligence it provides an instrument or tool known as Data Streams.

Data Streams helps upload the data automatically from various sources and mapped the source fields to relevant Marketing Cloud Intelligence fields.

Use case: The Ads Data Stream Type

Datorama is primarily used for uploading marketing data, the most used data stream type, dedicated to uploading delivery performance type data. This Data Stream type is known as the ads data stream type.

Entity Names:

  1. Campaign
  2. Site
  3. Media buy
  4. Creative

Measurements Names:

  1. Impressions
  2. Clicks
  3. Media cost
  4. Social Measurements (Various social measurements)
  5. Video Measurements (Various Video Measurements)
  6. Rich Media Measurement (Various rich media Measurements)

As is always the case with entities, they have a relationship and hierarchy. This relationship in the Datorama data model can be one of two possibilities:

1. One-to-many
2. Many-to-many
Explaining this relationship using with diagrams and some examples:

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

The relationship between the advertising space on a site and the site itself.

For example,
Each site has multiple media buy spaces available, and each media buy is site-specific, which indicating one-to-many relationships between the site and Media buy.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Each campaign can be associated with multiples media buy, but each media buy is campaign specific. This type of relationship between campaign and media buy is also one-to-many.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

The same media buy can be populated with multiple ads or creatives, while also used in multiple media buy, the relationship between media buy and creative is many to many.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

All those relationships merge then the media buy is the main entity of the ads data stream type.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

The same relationship which is exists between these fields in the Datorama model.

NOTE: When using API connectors, these mappings are automatically implemented in the backend.Datorama also offers a customizable data stream configuration called TOTALCONNECT.

With TOTALCONNECT you can manually configure a data stream yourself to map the source filed to the corresponding Datorama fields.

“To ensure correct mapping, make sure that you’re using the correct Data Stream Type”.

In Marketing Cloud Intelligence has 19 data stream type are available.
Let’s know about three most popular data stream types:

  1. Ads
  2. Conversion Tag
  3. Search Keyword

A. Ads Data Stream Type:

The data stream type contains the delivery data that comes from these campaigns, for example:
“How many times has an ad has been seen, clicked or how much money it cost.”

The ads data stream type can be used with providers such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads and more.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

B. Conversion Tag Data Stream Type:

The conversion tag data stream type contains data related to the various calls to action tied to your campaign known as Conversion Tag.

You can see What conversion tag prompted your audience to complete a call to action, and this happened after they viewed your ads or after they click on it.

For example:
You want to know how much revenue it brought in.

The data stream type can be used with providers such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Display & Video 360, Twitter Ads, and more.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

C. Search Keyword Data Stream Type:

The search keyword data stream type contains data related to ads displayed in search engine result. Whenever someone searches for services and products using certain keywords offered by the advertiser.

The search keyword data associated with campaign, and it measured by impression, clicks, and media to cost, to name a few of the fields that make up its data set.

This type of advertising is known by numerous names such as Search Advertising, paid search, search engine marketing (SEO), pay per click marketing and more.

The search keyword data stream type is suitable for providers such as google Ads, Search Ads 360, and Bing Ads.

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